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Current Officers

Elected Officers   Term  
Chair Connie Machado 2018
Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect / Program Chair Lindsay Blake 2019
Program Chair-Elect Randall Watts 2020
Immediate Past Chair Tara Douglas-Williams 2018
Secretary/Treasurer Laura Kane 2017
Chapter Council Rep. Lisa Ennis (May 2018)
Skye Bickett 2021
Chapter Council Rep-Alternate Skye Bickett (May 2018)
Elizabeth Hinton 2021
MLA Nominating Comm. Candidate Martha Earl 2018
Appointed Officers   Term  
Archivist Kay Hogan-Smith 2018
Website Administrator Katherine Eastman 2018
Bookkeeper Karen Roth 2018
MLA Credentialing Liaison vacant
Discussion List Moderator Nelle Williams 2018
Newsletter Co-Editor Roz McConnaughy 2018
Newsletter Co-Editor Steve Wilson 2018
Parliamentian Luda Dolinsky 2018
Conference Chair/Local Arrangements Rose Bland (FL) 2018
Nadine Dexter (FL) 2018
Committee Chairs   Term  
Bylaws Sylvia McAphee 2018
Communications Emily Weyant 2018
History David Petersen 2018
Honors & Awards Rebecca Billings 2018
Hospital Libraries Elizabeth Laera 2018
Membership Michael Fitts, Co-Chair 2018
Membership Shannon Jones, Co-Chair 2018
Nominating Tara Douglas-Williams 2018
Professional Development Mollie Titus 2018
Program Lindsay Blake 2018
Public Relations Elena Azadbakht 2018
Research John Reazer 2018
Strategic Planning Tara Douglas-Williams 2018